Rs 2 crore to tutor Lokesh

The YSRCP on Tuesday charged the ruling Telugu Desam Party with spending over Rs 2 crore from the state exchequer to tutor Nara Lokesh on various issues. 

YSRCP MLA Pushpa Sreevani said that the Government which spends such whopping amounts says that it has no money to protect the farmers’ interests.
On Tuesday, the sugarcane farmers organized a massive dharna in Viziangaram on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, the MLA said it needs just Rs 11 crore to solve the problems of the sugarcane farmers. The TDP is spending up to Rs 20 crore to buy each YSRCP MLAs. When it can splurge on all these, why can’t it spend on sugarcane farmers, she asked.  

Charging Chandrababu Naidu with ignoring the interests of the farmers, she said that the Government was doing nothing for the common man. She said those who have defected from the YSRCP to TDP were more interested in protecting their assets worth several crores rather than worry about the farmers.
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