Roja's suspension was not unanimous

Hyderabad, March 19: Castigating TDP for pursuing its vindictive and undemocratic policies, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said they were denied permission even to express protest on the RK Roja issue and we will boycott the session when it takes up the same for discussion as the State had already made its stand on judiciary very clear and there is no truth in the Speaker telling that the suspension was an unanimous as our members had protested against the decision.

'Chief Minister has been misusing the office of the Speaker on the suspension of Roja issue as well as shielding the eight defected legislators from being disqualified,' he told media at the Ambedkar Statue after walking out of the Assembly in protest against gagging their voice and not allowing them to vent their protest.

Speaker telling that the suspension was an unanimous decision has no truth in it as all our Party MLAs had raised voice and protested against the decision.

When the contempt issue is coming up for discussion on Monday, the House opted to discuss the issue and we will boycott the session and attend the court as the Government had made it clear that legislature is supreme and need not heed to any advise of the judiciary.

'They have scant respect to the judiciary and the House bringing up the issue for discussion on Monday is unfair and we will attend the Court instead of Assembly,' he said adding that the dignity of the court is being degraded by them.

There is scant respect for women and when our MLA went to the House with a letter from the court the officials had misbehaved and said they have orders from the Speaker not to allow her inside the House. This is unconstitutional and a blot to democracy.

 When they lured eight MLAs who won on YSR Congress ticket, the Chief Minister had misused the office of the Speaker and made all out efforts to shield the defectors from disqualification.

'A true leader should have two qualities character and credibility. Chandrababu Naidu became characterless when he usurped power and party from NTR and his credibility has gone for a toss when failed to fulfill his poll promises,' he said.

When asked about the issue being referred to Privileges Committee, he said;' the committee is filled TDP leaders and they have a majority and we cannot expect any justice. We have notices citing the unparliamentary language used by the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues on various occasions but those notices were not taken up even once. Now since they are being criticised the issue is being referred to the Committee', he said.

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