Roja takes on TDP over Anti-Jagan publicity

aside the baseless allegations of TDP leaders that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had a
personal agenda behind his Delhi visit, YSR Congress has said the ruling party
is scared as the irregularities of Pattiseema and other issues were highlighted
during YS Jagan’s visit.

“With YS Jagan Mohan Reddy categorically explaining to the Prime
Minister and the Union Finance Minister the need to complete Polavaram project
in three years and the redundancy of Pattiseema which is laden with
irregularities from the bids stage itself, the TDP government stands exposed
and to cover up these facts TDP leaders are leveling baseless allegations
against our leader.” Party MLA,RK Roja told reporters on Wednesday.

“Chandrababu Naidu has never spoken to the national media in
Delhi as his priorities are different and issues of state interest have no
concern for him. It is the Singapore jaunts and excess bidding in Pattiseema
project that matters for him,” said roja.

 “If Yanamla Ramakrishnudu’s contention that our Party
President has met the Prime Minister to get absolved from the cases he is
facing is true, it means that they believe that the Prime Minister can drop or
foist any case without the need for any judiciary. TDP has no faith in its own
ally BJP. The minutes of both the meetings are recorded and the comments of the
TDP only shows its desperation,” she said.



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