Roja greets people in multiple languages

The YSRCP MLA Roja visited Nagari of Chitoor district and enquired about the
floods and asked about the problems faced by the people. She tried to resolve
the issues by taking the problems faced by people to the government officials
and tried to deal. She has taken into consideration the problems faced by the
victims and tried to support them with the essential commodities. While the
people living in the border are speaking tamil, the authorities could not
understand. However, knowing two languages, telugu and tamil Roja translated
the problems.  She translated the
problems shared by the tamil victims to the government officials and asked them
to support them. Withing this two minutes viceo, you can view the questions
asked by the CEO. Throughout this two-minute video tour, you can find
the conversations. For more such videos and relevant information, subscribe for
all the videos.

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