Republic Day Held At YSRCP's Central Office

  • Babu is slaughtering democracy
  • Constitution is being mocked
  • Dalits' lands are being unjustly snatched
  • Republic Day celebrations at YSRCP's central office
  • YS Jagan hoists the national flag
Hyderabad: Criticising AP CM Chandrababu for slaughtering the democracy, the leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, spoke on the occasion of Republic Day celebrations held at the party's central office in Hyderabad. He wished all Telugu people a very happy Republic Day. Party MPs, MLAs and important leaders participated in the event.

Speaking on this occasion, YS Jagan wondered if we were in democracy or under British rule, questioning how far the laws written 68 years ago were being implemented. He mentioned the house arrest of leaders throughout the state for demanding for sanction of special category status as an illustration of suppression of rights. He slammed the Government for creating scary environment in Visakhapatnam, not allowing even walkers anywhere near the beach.

YS Jagan also mentioned how Kapu community leader Mudragada Padmanabham and his family members had been harassed for asking the CM to implement his campaign promises and how the CM encouraged party defection by offering Rs.20 crore for each of the MLAs. Criticizing that the laws written by Dr.BR Ambedkar were being ridiculed through snatching the lands of Dalits, YS Jagan remarked that partiality was being shown by giving 1000 yards of land to people of Dalit and BC communities and 1400 yards for patta lands. Questioning the status of implementation of the constitutional laws in light of watering down the promise made right in the parliament in the matter of special category status, he slammed AP CM Chandrababu for neglecting his campaign promises.

Y S Jagan called for united fight against the Governments for their betrayal towards 5.5 crore people of AP with false promises, in order to bring justice to democracy.

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