Reject opportunist politics: Jagan

Vatluru (West Godavari dist), May 5, 2014: In a fervent
appeal to the people to reject opportunist politics and parties that would be
puppets in the hands of the Centre, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said, elect a Party
that would have a say in Delhi, will be focused on development and welfare and
assured that Polavaram project would be taken up by his government after coming
to power.  

Addressing a huge gathering here on Sunday he said:
“Modi has been asking to vote for Naidu which is obvious that the state will be
subservient to Delhi and I am appealing you to vote for Telugu pride which will
have its say at the Centre and get funds for the state development. Vote for
YSRCP fan symbol and along with the 11 issues I have promised I will complete
Polavaram project besides the Chinthalapudi irrigation project.

YSR has taken a bold initiative on the Kolleru lake
issue in 2008 and I promise you that I will take up the issue in the first
session of the assembly. I have inherited from YSR the quality of not going
back on the word given while Chandrababu Naidu is known for not keeping up his
promises,” he said.

Elections are fast approaching and you have to make up
your mind and the choice is between jumping jacks like Chandrababu Naidu, who
has aligned with every party for the sake of votes an seats and the legacy of
YSR that is being carried forward by our Party and I appeal you to vote in
favour of YSRCP fan symbol to upkeep the Telugu pride and win a proper place at
the Centre and not being submissive to Delhi dictates.

YSR has defined credibility and honesty with his deeds
and his ideals are being followed by YSRCP while Naidu has never been sincere
throughout his political career.

The governments before and after YSR have been very
taxing while YSR has shown how a welfare state should be and became the model
Chief Minister in the country. I swear that I continue to work in his
footsteps, he said.

Before YSR, the nine year period of Chandrababu Naidu
has been a dark age where in welfare was at a premium. Medicare and education
has driven people to indebtedness. Pensions and housing were meager and on
quota system. He has went back on TDP poll promises and increased the Rs 2 kg
rice to Rs 5.25, lifted prohibition and encouraged belt shops.

With elections coming, he has come with a new set of
promises of free cell phones,TVs and is fooling farmers and women by promising
waiver of loans which is impossible. The arithmetic is simple. The Bankers’
meeting has concluded that the agricultural loans work out to Rs 1.27 lakh
cores and the DWACRA loans amount to over Rs 20,000 crores aggregating to Rs
1.50 lakh crores.  

The TDP leader is promising to waive such a whopping
amount unmindful that the state budget is just 1.25 crores. This is a blatant
lie. It is only to lure voters with impossible promises. Waiver of loans is a
Central subject and it is not in the purview of State Government.

This is the deception of Chandrababu Naidu. He speaks
of impossible tasks that sound good but cannot be implemented and people should
be beware of such promises and the leader who has a dubious past of breaking
all his promises, he said.

On the day I assume power, I will sign the five files
and take up he six issues which I have been promising to change the course of
the state.

These apart, I will take up Polavaram project and
complete it. Chintahalapudi irriigation project which provides water to 2 lakh
acres in the area is ignored by the Congress government after YSR death.
Kolleru issue will also be taken up in the first session of the Assembly and I
appeal you to vote for YSRCP fan symbol ensuring victory to all 25 MPs which
will in turn help in Delhi being obedient to us and not the other way round.


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