Ready for the inquiry on the assets of Singapore ..!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP Leader, Parthasarathi bruised in anger on Chandrababu. He criticized Babu that he is encouraging corruption similar to the efforts to raise the inflated real estate business. He fired on Babu, on the way he is grabbing thousands of acres of land from farmers and filling his pockets and also filling pockets of Singapore.

He insisted Babu to state the reason for his love towards Singapore. Declared assets are okay. How about the assets in foreign countries? Parthasarathi challenged Babu to reveal all the details of his assets in other countries. He also mentioned that the whole country is aware of Naidu's hotel in Singapore. While stating about sand mafia, you are encouraging the sand mafia and running business with sand. For illegal constructions, you are spending Crores of money. Why? This way all the deeds done by Naidu are completely illegal accused Parthasarathi

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