Ramoji ordered to vacate Vizag Eenadu premises

Visakhapatnam, Aug 29, 2012: In a major setback to media baron and chairman of the Eenadu group, Ch.Ramoji Rao, the city rent control court today directed him to leave the Eenadu office complex at the Sitamma Dhara within three months from today.

The court also directed him to pay the old rental dues to the land owner Kumar Varma who filed a cheating case against Ramoji who took the land on lease and constructed the building on leased land.

Kumar Varma filed the case in the court complaining Ramoji Rao had cheated him by surrendering a part of the leased land to the Municipal authorities for road widening and claiming compensatory land in lieu of that from the authorities though he had no authority to do so.

“Though he is not the owner of the land, he surrendered my land to the authorities without my knowledge and got the compensatory land registered in his name which is unlawful and illegal,” Kumar Varma told the court in his complaint.

Ramoji Rao tried to scuttle the case by approaching the state high court and the Supreme Court several times. Finally, the Supreme Court dismissed his plea a few days ago.

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