Raithu Bharosa Yatra Commences Today

YS Jagan's tour in Tadiparthi and kadiri constituencies

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan is going to tour in Ananthapuram district from today. This yatra is intended to speak to the bereaved families of the farmers who had committed suicide due to the burden of debts and the farmers who were facing the burden and assure them of support. As the fifth phase of Raithu Bharosa Yatra, YS Jagan is visting Ananthapuram district. Today, being the first day of the phase, he is visiting Tadiparthi and Kadiri constituencies.
Farmers are immersed in difficulties due to drought, ill performance of crops, lack of proper assistance from the Government and mounted debts. Some of them have also committed suicides due to these problems. Since TDP came to power, 145 farmers and 26 handloom workers died till date in Ananthapuram district alone. The Government is simply staying indifferent to the situation, over not rescuing them.
In light of this, YS Jagan has intended the Raithu Bharosa Yatra in order to fill hope in those families by ensuring them his support. He toured in Ananthapuram district 4 times earlier. He consoled 70 bereaved families of farmers and handloom workers in 12 constituencies. Today, being the first day of the fifth phase of the yatra, he is going to meet and comfort three families.

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