Rains Show AP Secretariat Has Leaking Roofs

Amaravati: The little rain that occurred in the last couple of days has proved the worst fears expressed by the experts on sustainability of the assembly and other buildings constructed in capital city Amaravati, (Velagapudi). 
Rain water flooded into the Opposition leader chambers and damaged the roof tops.
YSRCP leader in Legislative Council Ummareddy Venkateswarlu  who visited the Opposition leader chamber in the new assembly premises said that it is the result of the Chief Minister’s ill intended adventurism. He said that Sivarama Krishnan Committee, in its report had warned threat of Kondaveeti Vagu (revert) to capital city if Amaravati is chosen. 
The Chief Minister however ignored the Expert Committee report as well as Green Tribunal objections Umareddy alleged and expressed apprehensions on sustainability of the temporary assembly building constructed at a cost of Rs.1300 crores, at least till the permanent structure is raised.
The YSRCP leader further pointed that the roads leading secretariat were inundated during World Women Conference forcing delegates to stay back at the venue. He alleged that the government is spending public money at its will and wish. He demanded an explanation from Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for what he called sheer negligence of expert advice, for which the state is paying heavily. 
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