Pushkaram Labourers Ill-Treated And Cheated

Chandrababu's promises have turned out to be deceptive to labourers yet again. The labourers who were employed before the commencement of pushkarams' work were given certain promises and later they were breached. They were promised by contractors belonging to TDP, transport facility from houses to the workplace and back to their houses, a daily wage of Rs.300, provision of tea, breakfast, lunch and working time of 8 hours. But now they are not even able to find drinking water after they begin work at 5 a.m.
Now there is no provision of tea or breakfast. If they do not work, they are asked to pay Rs.1000 back. The labourers are expressing their agony about the deception as well as the verbal abuse they have to face if they do not work. They are stating that all they are asking is for provision of minimum facilities. Contractual labourers are very important to ensure the safety of the pilgrims. But due to the ill-treatment they are facing, they are cautioning about a possible strike at the pushkarams' site.

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