Public Distribution System Becomes Upset

Nellore: YSRCP
president of Nellore district and Sarvepalli MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy
criticised that server problem was posing disturbance to the smooth run of the
state’s public distribution system in spite of technology running the new
generation. He learnt people’s problems on the occasion of grievance day held
at mandal parishad office of Thotapalligudur mandal.

Kakani spoke during the
event and criticised Chandrababu for his inability to solve e-server problems,
in spite of boasting about himself as ‘hitech Babu’. He commented that the
state had not seen any development in the last two years. He specified that
implementation of welfare schemes was the area of sheer failure of TDP
Government. He revealed that the deserving benefactors were not able to enjoy
ration cards, pensions or good quality houses. He complained that only the 49
lakh pensions sanction by YS Rajasekhar Reddy were being given until now but no
new pensions had been sanctioned.

Kakani mentioned that welfare schemes should be implemented irrespective
of political selfishness or favouritism. He suggested that problems of the
people were solved by the officials without troubling them anymore.

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