Private Bill On Party Defection In Lok Sabha

  • Private member bill in Rajya Sabha regarding
    party defection
  • Speaker’s negligence in taking action against
    the defectors
  • President should be given authority to

New Delhi: YSRCP MP Vijay Sai
Reddy has introduced a private member bill in Rajya Sabha regarding prohibition
of party defection. He has proposed replacement of article 361 (B) with a new
article in the pertaining constitutional amendment of the 6th
paragraph of the 10th schedule. This bill has been added in today’s list
of private bills. It has also been appealed that the here should be a time
limit for the chairman or the speaker to take action against the party

Vijay Sai Reddy
brought to the view of the house and the centre about Chandrababu’s act of
buying MLAs, mocking the constitution. He mentioned about the negligence of the
speaker in taking action against the defectors in spite of repeated complaints
regarding defection of 20 MLAs from YSRCP. He spoke during the brief discussion
that happened on the crisis in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand on Thursday.

The president should
be given authority to disqualify

“We have seen till now
how the leaders from the ruling party and the opposition party argue and
complain over various matters. Leaders from the opposition party do usually speak
about constitutional values, but the same leaders, if sit on the ruling side,
speak against them. Both the houses have together brought the anti-defection
law. Due to its improper implementation, they went on with amending it in 2002.
But what is really happening? In spite of pleas for disqualification of
defectors, the speaker is ignoring to take action. Decisions are being taken in
accordance with the ruling party’s interest. Not only in Arunachal Pradesh,
this has also happened in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 20 MLA from YSRCP
joined TDP and action has never been taken against them”, stated Vijay Sai

He reminded the law
commission’s recommendation that the authority to disqualify should be given to
the president and the elections commission could advise him in this regard.


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