Political Vendetta – Attack on Jagan to the Hilt


Is the justice fair and equal for
everyone in our country? Can people in power (Sonia/CBI), the influential yellow
media (Eenadu/Andhra Jyothy/TV9), combined with an opposition leader (Chandrababu)
who is more interested in coming back to power than addressing peoples’
problems go after one individual (Jagan) and subject him to all sorts of legal
troubles, just because they cannot face him democratically?

That they cannot face him in
elections had been proved thrice already – Kadapa and Kovvur by-elections, and
the by-elections to 18 Assembly and Nellore Parliament seats, where YSRCP won
more votes than all the other political parties combined!

Is festering Jagan with cases
that cannot be proved in courts but make it harder for him to get bail the only
way these three modern day untouchables - Congress (losing one MP seat a day
and surely going down to less than 100 in 2014), Yellow Media (losing readers
everyday), and Chandrababu (no hope of winning over masses - ever) can face

How else can anyone explain the
multiple CBI charge-sheets, some sensational or other news or requests just
before the court hears Jagan’s bail petition, and some yellow media/TDP
accusations of Jagan influencing CBI or courts? They are all designed to put
pressure on the courts not to grant bail, so they can have him behind the bars
for a long time.

The main argument of the
government (CBI) has been that Jagan will influence the witnesses, yet they
cannot show one iota of evidence to this effect. The open collusion of Sonia,
TDP, CBI and yellow media has been evident to anyone with a head on their
shoulders, but this would not deter them for going after Jagan is really shameless!

Yellow Media prediction for the
past few weeks that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) would attach the
properties of Jagan has come to reality. One thing we all have to accept is
that yellow media has been right on dot for the past couple of years, and they
should be thankful to Congress party and CBI. CBI JD Laxminarayana call list
contained several hundred unethical calls to the yellow media, in spite of his
busiest schedule.

Instead of CBI pulling up its
Joint Director for making these unethical calls, it actually went after the
people that got his call list out! The CPI, CPM, Loksatta that cried foul when
Margadarsi was served notices by YSR government saying that it was an attack on
freedom of press, don’t even say a word on attack on Sakshi and Jagan is
testament to their real intentions then and now!

These powers are trying to crush YS
Jagan politically and tarnish the legend of YSR. The investigative agencies
like CBI, ED, in collusion with the judiciary have become part and parcel of
the whole episode. This has, in essence pushed the democracy off the cliff.

We have to understand that we
have reached a point of no return. The democratic values got so devalued in the
state in the past couple of years that both Congress party and TDP have colluded
shamelessly in destroying the credibility of the independent agencies and the
honor of the judiciary.

What used to be foul plays in the
background previously have now become shamelessly open! How else can we explain
Jagan, who never was part of any government gets arrested by CBI in misuse of
power and kept in jail without bail, while Chandra Babu, who was wielding power
while presiding over many, many scandals would get scot free? The courageous
tiger is caged and the wily cat is doing its stage managed walk in the
direction of the movie directors!

Where are they (Congress/TDP) taking
our democracy to? A two page letter by a self proclaimed mad dog (Sankar Rao)
at the behest of Sonia (he admitted categorically) prompted a judge to
order full blown CBI investigation.

Is this natural justice? None
would concur. Sonia flouted the democratic values all her life. Antonia Edvige
Albina Maino (Sonia) can attack the son of soil (Jagan) and modern day
Jayachandra (Chandrababu) is there to help, thinking that he would rule our
land! Masses understand everything easily these days and will teach a fitting
lesson when the time is ripe. 

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