Police are Yellow Shirt assistants

Police are saluting Yellow shirts
Tremendous Power abuse

Hyderabad: It looks like the situation in the state is in emergency. The police are behaving rudely for the sake of the ruling party patronage. The events that took place on Wednesday in Nagiri and Kadapa are proving the same thing. 

In YSR District…!
The YSRCP has called for a ‘Bandh’ following Government’s silence on the suicides of girl students in Narayana College in YSR District. The public has voluntarily participated in the ‘Bandh’ (shutdown) but the police attacked the leaders who are trying to protest democratically. They house arrested MLA, Mayor and other important leaders in advance and arrested several others. 

In Chittoor District..!In Nagiri, Chittoor District, the YSRCP has staged a massive protest when the power abuse has reached to tremendous extremes. The police obstructed the MLA’s and Senior Leaders who were on the way to participate in the protest. At several places Police vehicles were placed as barricades. The MLA Chevireddi Bhaskar Reddy got injured when the police vehicle was driven over him.
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