Please Allot Funds for Developing my Constituency

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad
Reddy expressed his concern towards the water problem and the sewer problem
faced by Prodduturu city. He raised the issue of the constituency’s problems
during the question hour of the assembly’s budget session. He mentioned that
there was severe problem of lack of good sanitation, leading to the people’s
falling victim to diseases. Rachamallu exclaimed that people of all ages were
in agony due to this issue.

He reminded that ex. Chief Minister Dr. YS
Rajasekhar Reddy had allocated Rs.37.5 crore in 2008 for underground drainage
system and spent Rs.5 crore for some part of the work. Later the work had stopped,
informed Rachamallu. He added that the estimation for the completion of the
work had reached Rs. 70 crore and had demanded that the Government sanctioned
the required funds for the recommencement of the work. He added that 15 people
had recently succumbed to mosquito bite.

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