People won't believe Naidu :Gurunath Reddy

Hindupuram, Sept 28, 2012:  YSR Congress MLA Gurunatha Reddy said the late chief minister YSR had the credit of solving the drinking water problem of the Hindupuram area.

In an informal chat with newspersons at Kodikonda check post en route to Bangalore on Thursday, Gurunath Reddy said TDP MLAs, who were successively elected from Hindupuram, never worked for the development of the area. 

“They didn’t even try to solve the drinking water problem,” he said, adding that YSR brought drinking water to the town from the PABR with an expenditure of Rs.650 Cr.

He said YSR strove to develop the Hindupuram area industrially in a short span of time. “People wouldn’t believe Chandrababu Naidu who has been hand in gloves with the Congress leaders,” he said adding that people never believed the ‘free’ promises made by Naidu.

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