The People’s Leader Comes To The Aid Of The Tribal People

YSR district: The administrative system moved in response to the warning issued by Leader
of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan. The officials of electricity
department resumed the supply of power to the girijan colony of Kanampalle
village in Pulivendula mandal. YS Jagan had earlier slammed the department for
imposing thousands of rupees of power bills on the poor girijans and
threatening to not supply electricity to them unless the bills were paid.

Supply of electricity had been cut off to
the ST colony of Kanampalle since the 31st of March for not paying
power bills. Going around officials and requesting them to resume the supply
had gone in vain. Payment of ten years of power bills had been demanded if
power was to be supplied. This had pushed the residents into confusion. As part
of his tour to Pulivendula, almost 70 ST people met YS Jagan to explain their
agony to him.

Moved by this, YS Jagan had warned the
officials of the department to face severe consequences if the supply of power
to the colony was not resumed. In light of this, AE of Pulivendula rural,
Padmanabhudu led the department’s personnel to the ST colony in order to resume
power supply to it. The villagers expressed their delight at this and gratitude
towards YS Jagan for filling light in their lives again.

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