People Will Teach Babu A Lesson: Ayodhya Ramireddy

Vinukonda: YSRCP’s
in-charge of parliamentary constituency of Narasaraopet, Alla Ayodhya Ramireddy
cautioned Chandrababu that people would soon teach him a lesson if he did not
change his way. He mentioned that TDP Government was behaving unethically. A
review meeting happened with the constituency’s leaders and activists of YSRCP
at the party’s office in Vinukonda of Guntur district on Thursday. Speaking on
this occasion, Ayodhya Ramireddy remarked that power would not last long, but
real leaders would practice impartial rule once selected as representative in

He called for all the
activists to work selflessly with cooridantion as YS Jagan’s army. He assured his
reachability and support to all the activists. He slammed the ruling party
leaders for their deceptive and tyrannical rule.

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