People Step Forward In Support Of Jala Deeksha

Kurnool: The Jala
Deeksha taken up by the leader of opposition in AP and president of YSRCP, YS
Jagan, in protest against the unlawful projects being built in Telangana and to
awaken the dormant TDP rule in the state, has reached the second day. People from
various classes of the society from various corners of the state have reached
the camp site, expressing their solidarity to the agitation staged by the
people’s leader for their welfare. YS Jagan is greeting each of them with a
pleasant smile and a handshake.

 Everybody is determined
to achieve every drop of water deserved by the state under the leadership of YS
Jagan. They are raising slogans to follow his footsteps in the fight for their
rights. They are condemning Chandrababu for oppressing and mortgaging the state’s
benefits and for compromising with KCR and the centre with the fear of being
punished in Note for Vote case. They are cautioning Babu of severe consequences
if the unlawful construction of projects was not confronted.

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