Pay ex-gratia in 4 days: YS Jagan

Achutapuram, Setting a deadline of four days to pay the announced ex-gratia amount to the kin of the deceased persons, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has warned the State that he would undertake dharna if the amount is not paid to the affected families.

“It is 18 days since the accident took place at Dowleswaram in East Godavari in which 22 members of a family died due to bumpy road and the Government which has announced Rs 2 lakh exgratia did not keep up its word,” he said after consoling the family members of the deceased here on Thursday.

The deceased persons hail from this place.
The State has announced the amount and forgot about it and no money was given till now as the announcement was reduced to a mere farce and formality. TDP leaders are publicity mongers and Chandrababu Naidu would have come if he would be getting more publicity and announce Rs 5 lakh exgratia.

“This discrimination has no logic and though the ministers have come here and announced exgratia the amount did not reach the intended people.

 If the money is not received by the kin of the deceased in four days, we will take up a dharna and force the government to pay the due amount,” he said.
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