Pawan should tell why he likes Naidu

Hyderabad, May 2, 2014: Continuing
the tirade against the combine of TDP-BJP-actor Pawan Kalyan for their
unwarranted, baseless and mala-fide propaganda against its president Y.S. Jagan
Mohan Reddy, YSRCP on Friday sought an explanation from the actor how he
found a Good Samaritan in Chandrababu Naidu who he once described as a leader
who opened doors for corruption. 

Addressing media persons at the
party headquarters, YSR Congress party senior leader Dr. M.V. Mysura Reddy said
Pawan Kalyan’s criticism of YSR and Jagan Mohan Reddy is pure opportunism,
irrelevant and quite meaningless.  

Mysura Reddy read out excerpts from
page 194 of Sri Krishna Committee report that said that a separate group was
formed in TDP seeking separate state for Telangana after Chandrababu Naidu
became CM for second time and that, akin to the 1969 situation, KCR launched
TRS in 2001 aiming to achieve statehood for Telangana region in the backdrop of
NDA regime carving out Chattisgarh, Utraranchal and Jhakhand states in 2000.  

“He must also know that most TRS
leaders had also tried to join Congress en masse after YSR took over as CM for
second time,” he said, adding Telangana creation was the result of Congress
maladministration and politics of conspiracy by TDP.  

While this was the fact, Pawan
Kalyan conveniently chose to make baseless allegations against YSR and Jagan
Mohan Reddy, Mysura said, calling his joining hands with BJP and TDP unethical
and opportunist.  

Mysura said the actor purposefully
ignored the fact that BJP had promised to form Telangana state within three
months of coming to power and that TDP gave letters twice or thrice  in support
of Telangana formation.  

“While both BJP and TDP claimed
during their election campaign in Telangana that they were responsible for
Telangana state, Pawan Kalyan himself had once said that BJP pressurized
Congress to declare Telangana,” he said, adding all of them are singing out a
different tune in Seemandhra and attacking Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP

The combine’s attack against Jagan
Mohan Reddy has no meaning and is only aimed at garnering votes and seats. “The
trio’s criticism is of dual policy, double-tongued, unethical, irrelevant and
opportunistic and far from facts,” he fumed. “It has no meaning.”  

 Pawan Kalyan’s volte face

 Mysura said that what was most
astonishing was that as a Praja Rajyam leader, Pawan himself had once described
Naidu as the man who opened doors for corruption. Mysura read out from clippings
of newspaper reports to say that the actor called the TDP’s grand alliance a
combine of fraud and cheating.  

“Pawan has no moral right to
criticize Jagan Mohan Reddy as he had described Naidu as the one who opened
doors for corruption and described TDP as a paper flower,” Mysura observed,
flaunting the clippings. “What is the change you saw in Naidu for eulogizing
him now” he asked.


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