Pattiseema Scheme To Fill Babu's Personal Treasury

Hyderabad: Ridiculing Chandrababu Naidu for the third-time inauguration of Pattiseema project, YSR Congress has said such publicity fetes have become common for TDP. ‘Chief Minister inaugurating the Pattiseema project for the third time shows the incompetence of the government,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Wednesday.
A man in the stature of Chief Minister releasing water from the same project on three occasion is ridiculous as no one has ever inaugurated the same project thrice. The moment Chief Minister switched on the motors, the engineers have switched them off as the water gushing out has no room for storage if it crosses 60 kms.
Had the government taken up Polavaram project with the same vigour it would have been useful to Krishna delta. ‘How can the government which could not give water to Krishna delta give water to Rayalaseema,’ she said.

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