Only YSRCP is continuously into fighting for people ..!

Only YSRCP is continuously
into fighting for people ..!

 Hyderabad: The YSRCP is fighting actively for the special status for Andhra Pradesh
based on the significant damage caused to the State after splitting since day
one it got separated.  The
first voice raised about the Special status in 2014 in the general elections is
only by the YSR Congress Party.

 TDP is always not supportive on
this. However, YS Jagan was continuously insisting about the special Status
whenever he had an opportunity. Immediately after elections, Jagan met Narendra
Modi even after he was into the Prime Minister position. Jagan along with other
MPs from his party appealed about the Special status to Modi on May 19, 2014. Appealing
for special status based on the loss incurred by the State due to partition and
see that the relevant claims have to be approved to the State based on the law.
The TDP did not spare that time and politicized the situation while YS
Jagan  planned to meet Modi. However, Jagan
did not care. 

The pending works in the State and the Special status for the State were
the topics to be brought to the attention to the Central Government on 15th
February and 30th March and 9th and 10th of June.  YS Jagan brought the problems faced by the
State under different categories to the notice of Council of Ministers. In
addition to the pending issues, he requested that the Centre has to intervene
when there is emotional imbalance between the two States. He mentioned that the
Tax incentives are no way sufficient and he requested to apply the same tax
incentives to Andhra Pradesh which were already adopted to States such as
Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. 

Jagan along with the MPs, once again went to New Delhi in March 2015, and
met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and explained about the importance of
special status of the State. Also this year, on June 9, YS Jagan met the President
Pranob Mukherjee and urged to take measures to give Special status to the
State. He stated that as assured by the Government, during partition, regarding
the completion of Polavaram project to be completed within 3 years measures
have to be taken by the Centre.  

In relation to this topic, he met several key Cabinet Ministers in New
Delhi, in February, March, and June period.  He also met the Finance Minister
Arun Jaitley, and Home Minister, Rajnath Singh to reiterate about the special
status and pending reorganization items to implement the law and help the State
by releasing the funds soon.He also requested, the Central government regarding the special status and
mentioned that, if AP is given a special status, then there would be major
scope for investments, so that it will increase the scope for employment. He also mentioned in the Assembly that everyone to come forward and work
together to achieve the Special Status for the State.

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