November 26th will be celebrated as a festival


The YSRCP leaders bruised in anger on the Centre and state governments who are
ruling against the spirit of constitution of India. The rebuked fire on the way the
administration is happening against the law. The only leader who adhered to the
Ambedkar's constitution is the late chief Minister YS Rajashekhar Reddy, said
the leaders. Under the leadership of president YS Jagan, the constitution to be
approved on November 26th, the day will be announced and celebrated as a big


the guidance of the YSRCP SC Cell President, Meruga Nagarjuna, the program will
be conducted on 26th of this month. A rally will be conducted from Ambedkar
Statue to Venkateswara Vignana Mandir at 10 am in Guntur district and garland
the statue of Babu Jagjivan Ram Statue and offer tributes. .The meeting will
then be conducted in the Vignan Mandir.  He stated that Naidu's deeds of
ill treating the weaker sections and violating the rights of the weaker will be
brought to notice.


leaders reminded that during his tenure, YS Reddy, has treated the minority
section and also the poor working class equally and helped them a lot. 
They mentioned that YS Reddy followed the Constitution of Ambedkar. However,
Naidu is ill treating the Dalits and undermined them and making a mockery of
the constitution. The ratification of the Constitution will be an eye opening
for the Centre and State and that day will be celebrated as a festival,
mentioned the leaders.


event to be conducted by the YSRCP will not only addressing the dalits but also
for everyone. The ambitions of Ambedkar will be taken ahead tomorrow in the
Assembly will be considered as a foundation stone. Counselled the state and
central governments to now at least follow and adhere to the constitution. They
warned that if the two governments are not adhering to this, November 26th
onwards there will be protests against the governments, said the leaders.

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