No Self-sacrifice: YS Jagan

Health concerns..!

Guntur: YS Jagan argues that no one should self-sacrifice. To achieve the special status YS Jagan has initiated the hunger strike for the future of the people. Y S Jagan specified his point previously when Munikoti committed suicide. No one should commit suicides and he will combat and sacrifice his life for the sake of people if necessary. But struggling to tackle the emotions, people like Masumayya are try to sacrificing their lives which is not taken easily by the YSRCP leaders. The health condition of YS Jagan is completely deteriorating. Jagan fainted on the stage and since morning he was sleeping in the place where he was sitting.

At any point in a coma!
YS Jagans health is getting spoiled every hour. Slowly the body parts are becoming weak.  Doctors are warning that YS Jagan can go into coma. Along with family members, the party leaders, activists and fans, including the telugu people around the world are concerned about the health condition of YS Jagan. Though many are indicating and requesting Jagan to stop the hunger strike, YS Jagan, had refused. YS Jagan clearly mentioned that unless the government declares a statement about the Special status he will not retire from the strike.
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