No alternative for united AP: Vijayamma

Delhi, Sept 27, 2013: Asserting
that there is no alternative except for keeping Andhra Pradesh united in the
present circumstances, YSRCP on Friday warned that it would not keep quiet if
the Congress goes ahead with its decision on bifurcation.

Addressing the Seemandhra
Secretariat Employees at Jantar Mantar during their Dharna here, party honourary
president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma castigated CM Kiran Kumar saying he has taken up
the Samaikya Andhra Ragam now after initially maintaining silence knowing full
well of Congress high command’s plans to bifurcate the state.

Squarely blaming TDP Chief
Chandrababu Naidu for allowing Congress leadership to take the bifurcation decision
through his letter of support for division, she said the state has been pushed
to a brink because of his imprudent decision.

“If only Naidu had not
given that letter, we would have been spared of the present crisis,” she said,
adding that both Congress and TDP are enacting dramas now after inflicting the damage
to the people.

Asking the Centre why
Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are not bifurcated, Smt. Vijayamma reiterated that
Andhra Pradesh must be kept united. “There is no alternative except for keeping
the state united,” she remarked.

Smt. Vijayamma said
there is no people’s approval for the decision of bifurcation and the CWC’s
post-haste decision on bifurcation had created a rift among the Telugu people. “How
can one ask the Seemandhra people to leave Hyderabad which has been built by
all. Lion’s share of Government revenue comes from Hyderabad only and everyone has
a right over the city,” she said.

Students and youth will
suffer for lack of educational and employment facilities and farmers for lack
of irrigation water, Smt Vijayamma said and added: “Andhra Pradesh people are
suffering for the blunder committed by Congress leadership.”

Both Congress and TDP
are equally responsible for the present state of affairs, she said. “They are enacting
dramas now to cover up their mistakes. If they are sincere in keeping the state
united, why did not even a single MP of TDP or Congress resign as yet?”

Speaking about the
Antony Committee, she said it is of no use and would not serve any purpose.

“YSRCP is the only
party which has stood by its commitment to Samaikyandhra from the very
beginning. Party chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy also proved his commitment to
the cause of untied AP by undertaking a 7-day Deeksha even in jail,” she said.

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