New drama of Package

Plan to project Central funds as Package

The Andhra Pradesh state condition is in dark due to the Governments negligence. Already due to the separation lot of injustice has been done to the state, and by not fulfilling the promises in Separation Act the state is at severe loss. Due to TDP governments slothful behavior several promises given in Parliament were not being fulfilled. In the heat of YSRCP fight and people protests, Chandrababu was alerted and now he is planning for another deception. 

Deception to divert people’s attention
The State & Central Governments are now planning to stage another drama. It is coming to know that they are planning to sum the total value of all the promises made and give that amount as Special Package to the state. It is estimated that Rs.1.50 lakh crores needed to implement the promises mentioned in Separation Act. Also the state should receive Rs.2 lakh crores towards various schemes from Central Government in five years. The State Government is striving to get an announcement from Central Government to give this amount as Special Package.

What the State should get?
  • As per the Andhra Pradesh Separation Act 2014, Part 10, Sec.94,95(3), in the coming five years the State should receive funds as below:
  • 2014-2015 Towards Financial Deficit – Rs.14,500 Crores
  • Towards Capital Construction – Rs.15,175 Crores
  • Towards Polavaram Project – Rs.20,010 Crores
  • Towards Special Development Package to develop backward districts, RS.200 Crores per District every year (In Five years Rs. 7000 Crores)
  • To set up Nation Level Education Institutes – Rs.9,580 Crores
  • Towards Setting up Research & Training Institutes – Rs.8000 Crores
  • Towards filling the deficit in Ports, Metro Rail, Steel Factory, Visakha-Chennai Industrial Corridor – Rs.46,600 Crores
  • As per 14th Financial Committee Recommendations – Rs.32,809 Crores
Total Rs.1,53,674 Crores should be given. Other than this towards various related schemes the Central Government should give Rs.45,000 Crores to the State Government. There are no obstructions for the Central Government to grant Special Status to the state but due to Chandrababu’s incapability the Centre is not paying any attention on this issue.
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