‘Neeru-Chettu Programme’  fills pockets

The ‘Neeru-Chettu Programme’  quite boastingly started by the Chandra Babu Government is aimed at removing the mud deposits from the lakes and planting trees but it turned to be a scheme filling the pockets of his own party men. With the authorities dancing to the tunes of the ruling party’s ridiculous acts, there is nothing to stopping them. From past 5 years the land with Survey Number 475 in Martur mandal, Praksham District, is in dispute between Forest Department and Revenue Department. The Nagarajupalli villager who took this land in lease for quarry approached the court. The TDP party men have taken permission to carry out ‘Neeru-Chettu’ in the nearby Isukadarsi village but, they also started digging pits in this disputed land, as well. Instead of removing silt they are digging the land and selling the soil for highway works. The authorities said that they cannot do anything when the lessee approached them. This is ‘Ruling Party’………….!
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