Naidu should apologize to farmers

Nov 21: Demanding an apology from the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to the
farmers for his distorted version on the loan waiver, YSR Congress has said
such a turn around by the TDP government will further expose its anti-farmer

Naidu now telling that he only said that crop loans and not agriculture loans
will be waived and each DWACRA member will be paid Rs 1,000 is a total lie as
the media advertisements on his swearing-in day and his speeches to the run-up
to the elections clearly stated that all agriculture and DWACRA loans will be
waived,” Convener of the Party Farmers’ Cell MVS Nagi Reddy told reporters here
on Friday.

from the padayatra in Ananthapuram to the electioneering, Chandrababu Naidu
time and again said that all agriculture and DWACRA loans will be waived and
asked the farmers and women groups not to repay loan as they would be waived
after TDP comes to power. He had also given an assurance to the Election
Commission that the scheme is feasible and TDP has worked out the
implementation part.

assuming office, TDP government has diluted the waiver scheme heavily and Chief
Minister telling that he did not promise that agriculture loans would be waived
but he only said that crop loans would be written off and Rs 10,000 would be
given to each member of the DWACRA groups is nothing short of cheating the
farmers as the video clippings and ads given by the TDP government vouch for
total waiver, he said.

We demand
an apology from the Chief Minister for cheating the farmers and he should
revoke his statement that all loans are waived and only the amount should be
credited while rescheduling will be done soon.

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