Naidu responsible for State division: YSRCP

Aug 21, 2013: Squarely blaming TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu for the division of the
state, YSR Congress has said that it was YSR who had the vision of a statesman
and could keep the state united.

proposed yatra of Chandrababu Naidu lacks conviction as he has sold the
people’s self-respect by giving his nod for bifurcation of the state on six
occasions while YSR was a strong votary of a united state and worked for
balanced regional development, “former MLA Praveen Kumar Reddy told reporters
here on Monday.

the TDP leader enjoys the distinction of being Chief Minister of the State for
nine years, he turned into a traitor by giving his nod to the Centre and Sonia
Gandhi to divide the state into two showing no concern for the people’s

with the letter to the Pranab Mukherjee Committee, Naidu has reiterated his
stand of division during All Party Meetings, election manifesto and voluntarily
as well. TDP leader planning to undertake a yatra to safeguard the self-respect
of Telugu people is a farce as he has deceived the people of state, he said.

is nothing short of betrayal, which is not new to him as he has backstabbed the
TDP founder leader NT Rama Rao to usurp the Party and power. Going to the
people on the plank of self-respect of Telugu people will boomerang on him as
it was he who was responsible for the present crisis.

could not handle the issue properly and leaders like KCR in early stages to
Nagam Janardhan Reddy in recent times who have parted ways. Naidu on his part
has given his nod to bifurcate the state, without even discussing the logistics
and consequences on at least six occasions and when YSRCP MLAs had quit the party
in protest against the unjust division, TDP did not react to the situation in a
proper way,” he said.

Naidu now blaming YSR for the division will cut no ice. It was YSR who had
handled delicate situations with great maturity and had seen to it that there
would be no scope for a separatist movement by addressing the problems of all
regions with equal importance.

was no need for any dissent as he carried out the development activity in all
regions and had done justice to all regions. Neither Sonia Gandhi nor KCR had
dared to talk about the division of the state as YSR had given no scope for
resentment from any region and YSR was a strong leader, he said.

who has given the financials for a new capital cannot face the people as he
established that he was a total sell-out to the Centre.

the eve of the padayatra, he had given a letter to the Centre in favour of
Telangana to have a smooth sail in Telangana region.

felling of trees is a crime, Naidu is a violator as he had given the axe and
sharpened it time and again to cut the 60 year tree of Andhra Pradesh, he said.

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