Naidu at his old ways of disinvestment

Sept 22, 2014: Chandrababu Naidu is at his old ways of closing down Public Sector
Units (PSUs) and allotting them to his associates at throwaway prices and has
initiated the process by issuing GOs to this effect but YSR Congress will fight
tooth and nail to avert such an activity, the Party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told
reporters here on Monday.  

the PSUs and handing them over to close associates for a very meager
consideration has been his wont and this time around he has issued GOs to weed
out Sugar factories from the public sector.  

To call
the dog mad, before killing it, he has constituted a committee with members who
are very close to him. Two of them are owners of a Sugar Factories, one in
Andhra Pradesh and the other from Telangana state. The third one represents a
Chartered Accountancy firm which is closely associated with NTR Trust.  

makes his intention very clear, the committee will give a report in favour of
the closure or selling out as he has done in the past. Chandrababu Naidu has
the dubious distinction of closing down 54 PSUs against the national figure of
84 in the process of disinvestment,” he said.  

The GOs
289 and 290 are aimed at shutting down sugar factories to benefit his
associates who are in the same business and giving away the precious land and
factory at very cheap prices.  

We will
not allow this and will take up the issue of disinvestment and transfer of PSUs
into private hands and question the State for concentrating more on commercial
issues leaving its core promises of loan waiver and other welfare schemes in
the lurch.  

Naidu’s son Lokesh has become an extra-constitutional authority he said adding
that commercial interests are placed ahead of welfare measures.

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