Muslims offer prayers for Jagan

Hyderabad, Sept 29, 2012: Hundreds of Muslims offered en masse prayers at the Jamia Masjid at KPHB colony here on Friday seeking release of YSR Congress party president Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy from jail as Mr.Clean.

“Jagan can’ be distanced from people with conspiracies,” said Muslim youth leader S.D.Yunus after the prayers. 

Several local YSR Congress leaders Ankala Raju, Vijayabhaskara Reddy, George K.Herbet, Katikareddy Srinivasa Reddy, Hayat, Masood, Abbul Mobin and others participated in the prayers.

Later, Yunus told the gathering that Jagan would soon come out of the jail as Mr. Clean as the allegations against him are cooked up.

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