Muslims Annoyed At Jaleel Khan

  • Jaleel Khan in the ruling party
  • Cooperation in demolishing mosques and dargahs
  • Muslim brothers at fury with Jaleel Khan
  • Demand for resignation
  • Vijayawada : Muslim brothers are at fury with Jaleel Khan who wore the yellow scarf, decoyed by the money offered by the ruling party. They are greatly angered by the demolition of mosques and Muslim graveyards by the TDP Government. Vijayawada West constituency's Muslims expressed their agony and anger and demanded resignation of Jaleel Khan.

    In light of officials getting ready to demolish the mosque and the graveyard in Tarapet, the Muslims of that area held a mute protest on Friday afternoon after Namaz. Later they assembled at the mosque in Tarapet. Prominent Muslim leaders and leaders from various political parties attended the meeting. As Jaleel Khan reached the place, they suddenly broke into anger and shouted against Jaleel, forbidding from entering. Religious veterans convinced them to be seated. Jaleel Khan then spoke to say that he did not care about his political position and that he would resign if a brick of the mosque was moved. Everybody present there shouted at him demanding him to resign.
    They were angry at him for standing by the Government while the mosque in Ramavarapupadu was being demolished. Jaleel Khan assured them that he would arrange for a meeting between the Government and the Muslim leaders.
    We shall not tolerate is mosques are endangered: Asif
    YSRCP's in-charge of Vijayawada West constituency, Sk.Asif stated that they would not tolerate if Tarapet mosque was to be touched. Speaking after the mute protest, he called for teaching a lesson to the Government and the people's representatives who hurt the feelings and sentiments of Muslims.
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