MPP Vimala Flies back To Her Nest

  • Defectors of the party
    are talking about ethics
  • Mithun Reddy
    challenges the defectors to resign
  • I was forced to join
    TDP, I will continue in YSRCP: MPP Vimala
  • I will fight to see YS
    Jagan as the CM: Vimala


 YSRCP’s MP of Rajampet constituency, Mithun
Reddy commented that defectors did not deserve to talk about ethics and
challenged them to resign. He questioned them whose development was attracting
them, the people having seen no development of their own. He complained that
TDP had not implemented any of the manifesto promises. Mithun Reddy commented
that TDP had won only with a slight majority and had failed in administration.
MPP of Bireddypalli Vimala joined YSRCP back in the presence of general
secretary of the party, Vijay Sai Reddy and MP Mithun Reddy.

MPP Vimala back to YSRCP

Bireddypalli MPP Vimala
stated that Palamaneru MLA Amarnath Reddy had forced her to wear TDP scarves at
the time of his son’s wedding. She pleaded for pardon for the unintended turn
of events. She expressed joy to have come back to YSRCP as the party had taken
her to the position she was now in. She made it clear that she would continue
in YSRCP and would put complete effort under the leadership of Peddireddy
Ramachandra Reddy and Mithun Reddy to see the leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan as the CM of the state.

YSRCP’s sarpanchs and
MPTCs declared that they would not bend to the enticement from TDP. They vowed
to work for the principles of YSRCP till the end. They confided that YSRCP
would win in Palamaneru at any point of time.

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