Movement For Achieving Railway Zone Centred In Guntakal


: YSRCP's coordinator of Guntakal constituency, Y.Venkatarami Reddy, called for united fight for the achievement of new railway zone for AP centred in Guntakal,as mentioned in state reorganisation bill.


A protest was held at Dr. BR Ambedkar circle on Monday by People's JAC, wearing black badges, against the Union and the State Governments for their behaviour in the matter of Guntakal railway zone. Speaking on this occasion, Venkatrami Reddy exclaimed that the sanction of railway zone was not happening despite all required qualifications, due to the incompetence of the leaders. Mentioning the huge number of people staying unemployed in and around Guntakal due to lack of industries and were having to migrate to places like Bellary and Tornakal for livelihood.
Calling for consolidation of the movement for special railway zone, he mentioned the people of Tamilnadu, who had fought for Jallikattu tradition, as inspiration.

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