Ministers’ silence during YSR period Questioned

Hyderabad, August 27, 2012: YSRCP honourary president Smt. YS Vijayamma questioned the propriety of some Congress ministers in finding fault with the decisions of the late Chief Minister YSR. 

Launching the ‘YSRCP door-to-door’ (Gadapa Gadapahu YSRCP) programme at Jawaharnagar in Shamirpet Mandal of Rangareddy district on Sunday, Vijayamma demanded an explanation from Anam Ramnarayana Reddy and other ministers as to why they didn’t question the YSR decisions when he was alive. 

“Why didn’t you question YSR when he took the policy decisions? Do you have the guts and wits to question him and see into his eyes if YSR comes alive now?” she asked the Ministers who put the blame on YSR with regard to the controversial 26 GOs. 

“The ministers have found themselves in a spot as the government failed to defend them appropriately on the said GOs,” she said, adding that unwarranted criticism of YSR would not be tolerated any more. 

Vijayamma also said the entire administration in the state has collapsed with hardly four cabinet meetings in a year. “During the YSR regime, Cabinet used to meet monthly twice and now not even four cabinet meetings are held in a year. How can the administration be run with the such state of affairs?” she asked. 

She said Jagan would soon come out of the jail and continue his Odarpu Yatra and other programmes.





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