Ministers' Mockery About Mudragada's Deeksha

  • CM has to keep the promise made to Kapu community
  • Insulting behaviour towards Mudragada’s deeksha
  • Disparities being created between castes and regions
  • State being taken out of order
  • Irresponsible statements by CM and ministers
  • YSRCP leader Botsa Satyanarayana slams the ministers

YSR Congress has demanded the State Government to solve the Kapu issue amicably
and refrain from double standards in dealing the fast of Mudragada Padmanabaham
whose fast has entered the ninth day.

‘The officials and ministers are giving contradictory statements
which is causing concern over the condition of the Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham
and we demand that the government should not make take it as a prestige issue
but should try to solve the imbroglio amicably,’ party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana
told reporters here on Friday.

No one is allowed to see the fasting leader and his condition
has been of great concern to the people of the state. On one hand the district
collector and DGP called on him and held talks on behalf of the government and
said that they had conveyed his message to the concerned.

The ministers on the other hand have been passing snide remarks
on the fast and have hurt the community and this is spreading wide dissent
among the people. The contrast has put the state under utter confusion, he
said. There is no reply on the questions raised by Mudgragada and no news is coming
out about the condition of the 67-year fasting Kapu leader and the situation
has been very delicate.

The officials had said that he has agreed to take fluids and
gave a statement which was never made public and the ministers speak about his health
in a demeaning manner and that law will take its own course which is not in
good taste at this juncture, he said. ‘This is not the time to try to eke out
political mileage of the issue which is very delicate and instead should be
solved very amicably. We condemn the dual standards of the government on the
issue and demand that the social issue should be solved cordially without
attaching any political strings,’ he said.

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