Lokesh Is A Trickster Double The Size Of His Dad

  • Babu’s inability to question the Government
  • Why is it very important for Lokesh to have a ministry?
  • Lokesh’s
    capability is evident: Ambati

YSRCP’s official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu opined that Chandrababu was
incapable of demanding the central Government for the benefits the state of
Andhra Pradesh deserved. He stated that the state Government was being
indifferent to this. He remarked that Chandrababu had gotten news written and
spread regarding his fury towards the general secretary of the centre Kothari,
over not actually asking the veteran leaders of the central Government on
behalf of the state. He spoke to the media in the YSRCP’s office at Guntur.

you not question the centre? 

opined that the state Government needed to question the leaders of the central
Government if the state was being neglected. He questioned why TDP ministers
were still continuing in their positions in the centre. Ambati complained about
Chandrababu’s indifference towards attaining special status for the state. He commented
that Babu’s repeated bluffing to have brought so many investments for AP had
sent an impression to the centre that the state no longer needed a special
status. He sternly questioned the act of announcing Rs.3000 crore of fund
sanction to Polavaram while the centre only gave Rs.100-200 crore for it.

Why is there anxiety for Lokesh’s position as a

recollected the anxiety exhibited by the TDP leaders recently for Lokesh being
positioned as a minister. He ridiculed that nobody would stop CM Chandrababu
from giving his son Lokesh a ministry but a huge drama had been plotted for it.
He remarked that Lokesh was double the size of a trickster than his father
Chandrababu. Ambati reminded that the money transfer scheme proposed by Lokesh
as soon as he had entered politics had flopped. He mentioned that this had
already proven the capability of Lokesh and the result of recent Greater
Hyderabad elections had illustrated it yet again. He commented that Lokesh had
post graduated in the field of gimmicks; hence he had excelled in buying MLAs in
AP in spite of losing in Telangana and getting caught in cases. He remarked
that while Babu graduated in getting his hands on others’ lands, Lokesh post
graduated in it.

Why are TDP leaders so restless?

had been an unconstitutional power till now. If he had to attain power in a
constitutional way, why did it need the applause of the TDP leaders, questioned
Ambati Rambabu. He commented that the 2-year rule of Chandrababu had been worse
than the 9-year tenure we had experienced before. This showed Lokesh’s
competence, explained Ambati. He supposed that Chandrababu might already have
decided to give Lokesh a minister’s position and that was why all the ministers
of TDP were competing to capture his impression. Ambati opined that Chandrababu
might have been leaving an impression that gaining Lokesh’s favour would
benefit them more than gaining his.

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