Lokesh Is Just A Kid; Babu Should Come For Open Debate

  • Lokesh does not deserve to talk about YS Jagan
  • Lokesh is still a kid
  • Babu should come to a public debate if he dares
  • He mortgaged the state to Delhi for his selfish benefits
  • Babu is scared of YSRCP
  • Babu has to pay for his misdeeds
  • YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu
Hyderabad: YSRCP's official spokesman, Ambati Rambabu, criticised Chandrababu for nodding his head when the centre said that all bifurcation promises made to AP had been realised. He demanded that Chandrababu should arrange for an all-party team right away and take it to Delhi to speak to the centre. Speaking to the media, he slammed the announcement made by the centre and questioned when the promises like special railway zone for Visakhapatnam, steel factory in Kadapa, industrial corridor and special category status for the state had been implemented. He remarked that Babu was scared to confront the centre out of fear regarding his role in Cash for Vote case.
State's future mortgaged for Polavaram
Ambati complained that Chandrababu had mortgaged the special category status of AP at Delhi, in order to get hold of Polavaram contract through benamis and that he had entered into an agreement with the centre so as to not get cases registered even if they caught black money or benami affairs. Commenting that the feelings of 5.5 crore people of AP had been put at stake for achieving Babu's selfish benefits, he slammed Babu's double entendre in the matter of special category status and special package, citing how Babu said his blood had boilt after hearing Jaitley's announcement and how he later stated that package was a better offer than status. He criticised that Chandrababu was keeping aside important things and giving prominence to less important things like swiping machines in auto-rickshaws and vegetable stores. He demanded that Babu should either form an all-party committee right away and demand the centre for SCS or apologise to the people of AP for failing to achieve SCS.

Lokesh is still a small child
Ambati commented that Lokesh was still a small child and was not qualified enough to talk about YSRCP president, YS Jagan. He slammed Lokesh's questioning about YS Jagan's not leaving Hyderabad to move to Amaravathi and asked why he should move when Hyderabad was the common capital for 10 years. He added that Chandrababu had escaped from Hyderabad so hastily as he had been caught in Cash for Vote case, but Lokesh was still a kid to understand this. Stating that Venkaiah Naidu had made a compromise between the two CMs, he declared that YSRCP had no such fears or obligations.

Lokesh does not qualify
Ambati commented that Chandrababu was unable to build a house of his own and that he had been living in a house built by somebody else. Marking Lokesh as not being qualified to speak about YS Jagan, he suggested that Lokesh should first prove himself by winning from any place in AP and Chandrababu should instead come for an open debate with YS Jagan if he dared. He indicated that Lokesh should realise his true status that IAS and IPS officers were coming to him only because his father was in power, but he lacked any political stature of his own. Ambati commented that TDP was shameless to publicise that all campaign promises had been implemented and reminded how those like waiver of agricultural and DWCRA loans, stipend to the unemployed, housing for the poor, special category status for the state and Sujala Sravanthi had been hardly touched. He remarked that TTD member Sekhar Reddy who had been caught with possession of black money was in fact a benami of Chandrababu and Sasikala.

Babu is scared of YSRCP
Ambati commented that Chandrababu was scared of YSRCP and backed his statement by saying that it was why permission for holding public meeting in Narasaraopet had been denied, without proper justification. Reminding how many CMs had held public meetings at the centre, he commented that the police were acting tyrannically towards YSRCP, under the direction of speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao and MLA Yarapatineni Srinivas. He also added that TDP was not holding municipal elections as it was scared of losing. Ambati remarked that it was not far away when Chandrababu would pay price for his misdeeds.
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