Lokesh immature

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has slammed Nara Lokesh Naidu for his immature and low IQ levels which have come to the fore with his tweet filled with presumption, unknown fears and perceived perceptions stirring an unwanted debate which shows that he and TDP leadership is scared of every movement of the Opposition party leaders.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, party MLA and PAC Chairman Buggana Rajendernath Reddy has said when I met some BJP MLAs in Delhi and went for lunch at a hotel, the picture was taken by some enthusiastic photographer and the TDP Minister has tweeted his fears out adding comments which carry no meaning, conviction or substance.

The tweet only shows the ignorance of Nara Lokesh Naidu and his lack of competence in understanding things on face value. If a photograph taken on the steps of a popular hotel in Delhi while I was walking in to have lunch along fellow Telugu people could raise such a panic, one should understand the mental condition of the ruling party and its inferiority complex.

Even an experienced minister like Yanamala Ramakrishnudu jumps into the ring and joins the game stating that being the PAC member one cannot meet other party leaders and gives an impression that classified information was being passed on to Delhi.

The unknown fear stems from the fact of the feeling of insecurity as such an information can be passed on to the BJP leader of the state itself and the photo doing the rounds is just a mischief and comments written by Lokesh Naidu could be unwarranted.

Objectionable pictures of Nara Lokesh Naidu had come out earlier, but we did not make much fuss of that while TDP has been harping on such routine and casual meetings seeing through magnifying glass.

In Delhi leaders of all political parties sit together and talk national and international events and Nara Lokesh Naidu has many lessons to learn, he said.

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