Lok Sabha failed to take up burning issues

New Delhi, Dec,18, 2013:
Taking strong objection for adjourning the Lok Sabha sine die without
taking up burning issues, YSR Congress has said the UPA Government has waded through
the winter session skirting discussions on people’s problems and had only
completed the formality with lack of seriousness.

“We have given an
adjournment motion on the undemocratic division of the Andhra Pradesh and a no
confidence motion against the UPA government. While the Speaker rejected the
former we have asked her to take up the second motion after the Lok Pal Bill
but the house was adjourned sine die after the Bill was passed,” YSR
Congress leaders Dr MV Mysoora Reddy, SPY Reddy and Mekapati Rajmohan Reddy
told reporters here on Wednesday.

Our adjournment motion that
the article 3 is misused and the state is being divided without an assembly
resolution nor setting up of a committee for the division was disallowed and
the no-confidence motion we have moved was pending as we agreed with the Chair
that the Lok Pal Bill be taken up first.

“We have supported the Lok
Pal Bill in toto and have given a letter to the Speaker to take up the
no-confidence motion after the Bill is passed but the House was abruptly
adjourned sine die giving no scope to the voice of the people,” they

The winter session has come
to a quick end without transacting any major business and discussing issues of
public importance. The government has single-mindedly pushed through its agenda
of passing the financial bills and completed the formality. The Lok Pal Bill
was also taken up at the fag-end of the session due to the developments in
Delhi where Congress has taken a severe drubbing in the assembly elections.

 Our leader YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has toured the entire country and met leaders of national and
regional parties to mobilize public opinion and stressed the need for amending
article 3 which is being misused by the Centre in dividing the State for the
sake of votes and seats.

“There is no proper basis
for the division of the State but has only political motives. We have drawn the
attention of the nation towards this but wanted to debate it on the floor of
the Parliament but we were deprived of that chance.

The State was formed based
on the recommendations of the first SRC on linguistic grounds and for this
division there is no basis is our contention. As the Congress has been pursuing
with its agenda of dividing the State unilaterally, and there are members
within Congress who wanted the State to be united, we have given notice for a
no-confidence and it was not considered either, they said.

The 10-day winter session
ended up without any meaningful discussion and not a single issue was taken up
and the Government seems to be very indifferent towards the issue of Andhra
Pradesh as it is not prepared to hear the version of the majority of the local
populace, they said.

Misuse of article 3 has
been the main issue we have been vociferously contending. The article was necessary
after the country gained independence as there were nearly 563 princely states
which were not part of the Indian Union.

To bring them into the
Indian Union, the article was necessary and it served the purpose of keeping
the nation united and safeguarding the integrity of the nation.

“But here article 3 is
being used from the wrong side and it is used to divide a state which was
united on linguistic grounds as recommended by the first SRC. While the article
in early days was used to unite the country it is now used to divide the states
and we condemn this.

The Centre throwing the
blame on us that YSRCP has said you have the right to divide the state as per
article 3 is only half-baked version. It was selectively and partly quoted. We
were misquoted and it was read out of context,” they said.

The fight will continue for
a united State, they asserted.

When asked about the
reported talk between Digvijay Singh and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, they said, the
Delhi leader tied to open the conversation but our leader just greeted him and
parted ways.

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