Lack of quality while offering gifts:

Commodities full of worm and cheap

Intolerance of people

Naidu government is ill treating and humiliating poor people by providing cheap and spoiled commodities in the name of Christmas and Sankranti gifts wherein they are distributing inferior goods filled with worms and spoiled dal, cheap jaggery, and so on. Reacting to this the locals are firing on the government stating that, hardly we are receiving something which is in very small quantities, but even that is also of very cheap quality, which is unfair, said the people.   

People taking these commodities are sharing their intolerance by telling that the quality maintained in promoting this plan is no where matching with the qualities of the commodities been given. Giving less and promoting huge people shared their views. They also mentioned that it is repeating since long and though the issue is taken to the authorities, still no plan of action is taken.  

The ruling party promoted that the government is going to provide kg Wheat flour, 100 g of Ghee, 500 gm of jaggery, Tur dal, Channa dal, sugar are given to all white ration card holders.  But, among these commodities, instead of 500 gm of jaggery, there is only 450 grams, similarly, instead of 100 g of ghee only 90 grams is been weighed. Even the small quantities given are also of very low quality  stated the people.

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