Kurupam indebted to YSR

Kurupam: YSRCP MLA Pushpa Sreevani said that her constituency Kurupam will always be a YSRCP citadel and that the people of the constituency deify YS Rajasekhara Reddy for his services to the region. She said the constituency witnessed rapid progress only during the YSR regime. It was YSR who got the Thotapalli project constructed. It was YSR who brought in Arogya Sri to help the poor to access quality healthcare. It was YSR who ensured that the students from poor economic background are able to access higher education.

He said the constituency has been orphaned ever since YSR passed away. She said she would remain with the YSRCP till her death. She said all the problems facing the constituency would be solved within four months of YSRCP coming to power.

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