Kiran Govt is inefficient :Sharmila

Mahboobnagar, December 4:  Terming the ruling Congress Party as
inefficient for its anti-people policies,  Smt. Sharmila has said only a strong
leader like YSR can balance welfare and development without taxing the people.

Addressing a large gathering at Dharmapur, near here as part of her Maro
Praja Prasthaam padayatra on Tuesday, she blamed the Congress government for
the falling standard of living due to spiraling costs, high power tariff, acute
power cuts and lack of basic amenities including drinking water.

The inefficient Congress, decadent TDP and opportunist TRS should be
rejected at the hustings, she said and listed out the projects taken up by YSR
that would benefit the local people and how the State government has been
unable to complete them.

While it has been the quality of YSR family to keep the promises, TDP
President N Chandrababu Naidu is known for breaking all his promises and TRS is
busy in its personal agenda and is sacrificing youngsters for its personal
gains, she said.  

Drinking water being the main problem and the State has not been able to
even to complete the projects YSR has initiated. The local MP and TRS President
K Chandrasekhar Rao has no time to get back to the people who voted for him.

Main Opposition TDP has joined hands with ruling Congress which is
undemocratic and immoral. The duo has conspired to file false cases against YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy to keep him away from you people, she said. 

Naidu has been emulating YSR in his padayatra and is making tall promises.
Imitation can never be the original work, she said adding that it was during
Naidu’s governance that 4,000 farmers were driven to suicides due to
indebtedness and lack of support from the government.

It was YSR who came to their rescue and waived loans worth 12,000 crores to
farmers. Naidu has no credibility and he is known for going back on his

It is only YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who can usher in the golden era of YSR and
implement all his welfare schemes and more, she said.

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