Juvenile Criminals must be reformed’ says Ponguleti

New Delhi: The YSRCP Telangana President Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy requested the Union Government that necessary steps must be initiated to bring reformation in the juvenile Criminals. On Wednesday during a discussion on the Juvenile Justice Bill 2014 in Loksabha he spoke that “ The current Juvenile Criminal Law is not effective and that there is scope for implementing it in a more effective way. The amendment proposed in the bill is more difficult. If, along with the aged criminals the juvenile were also thrown into the jail, they might turn out to become even more criminal minded.  The proposed change considers 16 years and above Juvenile equivalent to the aged person in most brutal crimes.

As per bureau of National juvenile justice statistics 43506 cases have been registered on juvenile criminals. Of theses 28830 cases have been registered on criminals between 16 to 18 years age. 50.2% of the juvenile criminals belong to very poor families which have an annual income less than Rs.25000. The amendment proposed is in connection to the events after the December 2012 gang rape in Delhi. In that case the convict was aged few months short of 18 years and was sent to the Observation Home as per the existing law. 

Mostly, 50% of the sexual crimes were done at the age of 16. Considering the rape cases registered on the Juveniles, 67% cases were registered on those at 16 years age. This amendment helps in preventing the criminal gangs in using juveniles to do crimes. Also, the juvenile will understand that they cannot escape from punishment anymore. Now, we must look into the factors which are influencing the juvenile to turn out to be a criminal. Factors like disappointed with the school life, irresponsibility of the parents, lack of sports facility in schools and other similar factors are contributing to the school dropouts. These dis-satisfied children are in danger of committing crime”.
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