Jagan's 100 days in jail

Hundred days have passed since YSR Congress President Mr. YS Jaganmohan Reddy was put in jail. Everyone knows as how the conspiracy was hatched to stop his juggernaut and the invisible hands working behind the scenes.

It was a concerted effort of both Congress and Telugu Desam party to make Jagan submissive and eat a humble pie. The more he was distanced from the people, the more his image is deeply implanted in their hearts. Over and above, his striving for people’s cause grows more prominent and stronger by the day.

Congress government's ruthless regimentation, people's untold miseries are geometrically multiplying every day. Farmers' khariff agonies due to the lack of power supply, fee reimbursement and unsettled fee structure for engineering and medical courses, non settlement of professional college admissions, unending and unabated power supply owes which caused many industries to close, are a few to mention.

Had Jagan been amidst the people, he could have easily steered the Vaux populi to make government to focus immediately.

The Congress party may be enjoying the fact that it has successfully completed 100 days in keeping Jaganmohan Reddy behind the bars. But in the process it had lost many an invaluable thing. The cardinal one is unflinched trust and support of the people. This is achieved over years through much hardship and dedication by YS Rajasekharareddy.

Its sole aim in arresting Jagan was to diminish his popularity and defame him on false allegations so that it can easily win the elections. But the whole idea of this mud - slinging business boomeranged and had hit very hard on its face.

It had miserably failed in winning the elections as well as smear Jagan's popularity. Instead, against its yearning, his popularity has increased many a fold amongst the common people. Now the face of the Congress party is smeared with mud and became so difficult for people to recognize it. By this misdeed, Congress party has also lost its already eroded base amongst the public.

The first thing it has to do is to learn a couple of lessons from Jagan, who strives very hard for the welfare of the people wherever he is, even from behind the bars. From within the four walls of the jail, he has been making long strides in alleviating people's miseries.

The foremost lesson the Congress party has to learn is positive attitude in addressing the immediate problems of the people. Instead of wasting its time in making ploys to demar and defame Jagan, towards whom people look as their savior.

It might had done far better in the concluded elections had it concentrated on good governance which lacked totally.

It’s time for Congress party to realize its folly in keeping Jagan behind bars so long even though it thinks it can prove the allegations which of course, all are contrived.

Everybody looks forward to the wisdom to dawn on Congress party so that it takes a decision to release Jagan at least on bail for which any legality can not object. It proves that it is not insane and jealous.

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