Jagan fans become emotional!

The outside premises of the Chanchalguda jail witnessed some emotional scenes when YSR Congress president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, escorted by security personnel, came out of the jail to attend the hearing on Vanpic case by the CBI special court at Nampally in Hyderabad on Tuesday.
There was a large gathering of people who came to take a glimpse of the young leader who has been in jail for the last 115 days.
People, mostly youth and women, wanted to see him and talk to him but the police who were present in large numbers dispersed them resulting in disappointment among the crowds.

As soon as Jagan came out and wished the people with folded hands, the people went into a delirious mood and shouted ‘Jai Jagan’ repeatedly but they were disappointed when the youth leader left the place for CBI court in a special Scorpio vehicle along with police.

Most of the people who gathered there became emotional and shed tears as they couldn’t get an opportunity to see or talk to him. Some people who wanted to speak to media representatives couldn’t utter a word as they were all tears. 

Some of the admirers of Jagan cursed police for preventing them from going near him or take a look at him. 

Sri Lakshmi, a YSR fan, turned highly emotional and questioned the sagacity of the Government in jailiing Jagan. "Many people who earned crores illegally are walking freely on roads and no action has been taken against them, why?" she quesitoned. With tears rolling down her eyes, she ran into an argument with police for not allowing people to see Jagan.

Man rushes to shake hands with Jagan

When Jagan came back to jail after the court hearing, a man rushed towards Jagan to shake hands with him at the main gate.By the time the unknown person rushed to the jail gate, Jagan went inside. The escort police, who were taken aback, sent him away.
(Updated on Sept 25, 2012)

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