Jagan questions Rayala T rationale

Baireddypalli, (Chittoor dist), December 2, 2013:
Questioning the rationale behind the talk of Rayala Telangana, YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy has hit back at the Centre as to why does  it not merge all the 23
districts and call it Telangana State.

“We have no objection if all the 13 districts are
merged with Telangana and call it a State but splitting Rayalseema into two is
irrational and impractical. This shows the arrogance of Delhi which thinks that
it can act according to its whims and fancies and people will remain mute

But the Telugu pride supersedes Delhi’s unrealistic
plans. Instead of splitting Kurnool and Ananthapuram from Rayalaseema and
merging it with Telangana, people will be happy if all the districts of
Seemandhra are merged with Telangana and give the same name to the State,” he
told at a public meeting held here on Monday.

The Samaikhya Shankaravam Yatra has begun in the
last assembly constituency (number 294) and will go on to Srikakulam with an
earnest effort to change the mindset of leaders and mobilize public support in
favour of a united State.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Chief Minister K
Kiran Kumar Reddy and Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu are bent upon
dividing the State without taking into consideration, the assembly, the mood of
the people and opinion of the leaders.

“Their main aim is to get political mileage out of
the division. Sonia Gandhi wants her son to be Prime Minister, Chandrababu Naidu
wants to save his skin and he has given his consent in writing and has been
asking for pacakage, Kiran Kumar Reddy is talking of a united state but in
reality is helping high command to expedite the process.

We should send strong signals to the state and
nation that we need a united state and the division that is going on is
undemocratic and the decision was taken in a dictatorial manner.

You should question Kiran Kumar Reddy and
Chandrababu Naidu as to why they are unable to see the dire consequences that
would arise out of the division, from capital to water sharing to jobs.

You should question them pointedly and voice your
concern through ballot. If we win more than 30 parliament seats, a person who
agrees for a united state will be the Prime Minister, he said amidst loud

Water sharing is a contentious issue. The moment,
the division issue has flared up the upper riparian states of Maharashtra and
Karnataka have increased their claim on the Krishna River waters and the
Brijesh Kumar Tribunal verdict went against our appeal.

As things stand, we are getting water only after
the needs of Maharashtra and Karnataka are fulfilled. When the state is
divided, the situation will worsen further and if farmers question the leaders,
they will have no answer at all.

Where will we get water to complete Handri Neeva,
Galeru Nagari, Kalwakurthy , Bhima and Nettampadu projects, he questioned.

People are asked to leave Hyderabad within ten
years. Where will the educated youth look for jobs after the division, the
leaders have to answer. Hyderabad contributes 50 to 60 % of the revenue and
where will we get the money to pay the salaries and carry out the welfare
schemes, he said.

During the golden era of YSR campus recruitments
were around 57,000 annually. During the past three years it has come down to
25,000. People in power are trying to place Hyderabad city on one side and the
sea shore on the other defying the parameters of balanced development.

Telugu people have coexisted for 60 years and how
can they be separated now. If Sonia Gandhi is asked to go back to her native
land what would be her feeling and the Congress reaction, he asked.

Both Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu are
helping Sonia Gandhi in splitting the state for the sake of a few votes and
seats. We have to change the political system that is decaying and bring in
clean value based politics, he said.

This is the third day of his Samaikhya Shankaravam


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