Jagan dares Naidu to seek fresh mandate for defectors

Hyderabad, April 23: Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has dared Chandrababu Naidu to disqualify the defectors and go to the people to seek a fresh mandate which will stand as a referendum to the governance of the TDP and its corrupt practices.

Speaking to media at Raj Bhavan after submitting a representation to the Governor ESL Narasimhan on the blatant misuse of power and rampant corruption of Chief Minister who is resorting to horse-trading with the ill-gotten wealth, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said:’ I challenge Chandrababu Naidu to disqualify the MLAs and go to the people seeking a fresh mandate which will stand as a referendum on his governance and the undemocratic methods being employed ever since the Party came to power.

We have urged the Governor to intervene and see that action is initiated against the Chief Minister who is facing serious corruption charges and is involved in various scams. He has been using the ill-gotten wealth to lure MLAs from other parties in an undemocratic method.

Some of them are even offered ministerial berth, which will be a mockery of democracy. How can a person elected on YSRCP ticket taken into TDP cabinet. This will not be in good taste and such unfair practices should be stalled forthwith.

Today we are observing Save Democracy Day by holding Candle light protests at district headquarters and will take the protest to Delhi on April 25 to apprise the President, Prime Minister and leaders of all political parties about the rampant corruption and blatant violation of democratic norms by Chandrababu Naidu and his government, he said.

We explained to the Governor the manner in which he has been luring the MLAs who were not elected on TDP ticket by offering them huge sums of money which has been acquired by various scams and irregularities.

We told him about how the Government has issued GO 22 which benefitted selective contractors to get incentives, a percentage of which obviously had flown into the accounts of Chandrababu Naidu and his coterie.

The tearing hurry in which Rs 1,600-crore Pattiseema project was taken up though there is no storage capacity and the estimated Rs 500 crore kickbacks as the government has accepted the excess rate of quotation besides the sand mafia which has mined money for Chandrababu Naidu and his men.

When it comes to capital city formation, Chandrababu Naidu has left all the norms to winds and has breached the oath of secrecy by sharing the information of capital city with a select few who purchased land in the peripheries of the proposed capital city in large extent much before the announcement of the capital area.

From assuming office in May till the announcement which came in December, while people close to him were purchasing land on the outskirts, the government was dropping names that the capital city was coming elsewhere.

After the announcement, even in creating zones, care was taken that none of land owned by his favoured people falls in agri zone and it was seen to it that all the land comes under commercial zone bringing a windfall to his coterie at the cost of native poor, marginal and dalit farmers.

We have explained in detail about the methodology adopted and the commercial agenda of the government in detail, he said.

Explaining all the scams and charges, we sought the intervention of the Governor to take action against the Chief Minister and put an end to his undemocratic practices, he said.

We demand that the 12 MLAs should be disqualified and by-elections should be called for immediately which will serve as a referendum, he said.

When asked about action against the defectors, he said that they have complained to the Speaker but no action was taken as of now and if the same continues we will also seek legal recourse.

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